Is the Archie Sonic Underground Epilogue Dead?

Is the Archie Sonic Underground Epilogue Dead?

by October 29, 2013

Details Dropped During Charity Marathon; Flynn Clarifies

During the 24 hour Sonic Lost World First Play Marathon this weekend, Sonic comic writer Ian Flynn appeared to deflate and, in some respects, completely reverse course on a planned epliogue issue tying up the Sonic Underground TV series’s loose ends for Sonic Universe #50.

That special was announced last October.  But according to fans who listened in to the stream, Flynn purported the epilogue was put on hold on account of the Underground universe not being allowed to mix in–not even as a one-off. This, even as a sample cover page was drawn and distributed when the announcement was first made.

After the event, on his Bumbleking forums, Flynn clarified:

[….] That’s not new. That’s been in place since before I got on the book. The finale in Sonic Universe was supposed to be a special one-time thing. We’re still trying to find a way to get it to happen.

Flynn later remarked that no formal script exists for the planned issue–“Just lots and lots of notes,” in his words.

It now looks much more certain last year’s highly positive reaction to the original SU #50 plans was much ado about nothing, and though one can’t one hundred percent call the effort dead, it appears quite difficult the original vision will come to life inside the pages of a future Universe issue. Do you feel hoodwinked? Tell us your reaction to these new developments below in the comments.