DLC Planned for Typing of the Dead Overkill

DLC Planned for Typing of the Dead Overkill

by October 30, 2013

Better Brush Up on Shakespeare–and Cuss Words

It appears Sega has long term plans for Typing of the Dead: Overkill beyond its surprise release yesterday on Steam.  Eagle-eyed fans on NeoGAF have found slots for three bits of DLC on the Steam Database.

According to the listing, a slot for Football Manager, a second for Shakespeare, and a third for straight profanity are in the works.  It’s not clear when Sega would release the DLC, or for how much.

Released the same day as Sonic Lost World in North America, TotD Overkill was met with very positive reaction from older Sega fans.  Released with the original House of the Dead: Overkill playable, the mod is far from Edutainment with players having to correctly spell already somewhat risque phrases and pop culture references.