Origins of Sonic 3’s Ice Cap Music Uncovered

Origins of Sonic 3’s Ice Cap Music Uncovered

by November 11, 2013

Meet The Jetzons

To this point, the popular and mostly proven opinion has been that Michael Jackson’s involvement with Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is deep–very deep.  Neither the late MJ, his family, or his colleagues are willing to confirm the information, but plenty of research and interviews over the years supports the pop icon’s heavy influence in-game, only to be removed from credits at the onset of a child sex abuse scandal.

But MJ may not have been completely alone.  Evidence uncovered overnight links Brad Buxer, credited on Sonic 3 and a close associate of Jackson’s who toured with him, with an unreleased pop song from the 1980s.  Buxer was once part of The Jetzons, a new age group that formed in 1981.  It was from the dissolution of The Jetzons that Buxer went on to work for Jackson, though not before producing this:

Sound familiar?  The band’s unreleased Hard Times includes the melody of Sonic 3’s Ice Cap Zone almost to a T.  The original song, however, was not released until 15 years after Sonic 3, part of a compilation of Jetzons songs (which you can purchase on iTunes here, we should add.)

The bottom line: There’s more “pop” in Sonic 3 than we realized, and ties to MJ are even further cemented.  With Sonic researchers still hot on the trail for the perfect missing link, it may only be a matter of time before those involved with Sonic 3’s music finally make the admission many fans’ ears really want to hear.