Interview Reveals Sonic Writer Pontac Knows Nothing of Sonic History

Interview Reveals Sonic Writer Pontac Knows Nothing of Sonic History

by November 12, 2013

“I kinda went to Wikipedia and I watched some cutscenes”

One of the men currently entrusted with the primary Sonic canon apparently came into the fold close to cold turkey.

That is the takeaway from an excerpted interview conducted by fans at Youmacon the first weekend of November with writer Ken Pontac.  Pontac, formerly of Happy Tree Friends and a myriad of other writing credits, said in an interview published in part on a Facebook page meant to rally support for a third Sonic Adventure that, at the onset of writing for Sonic games, he knew nothing of Sonic Adventure–or much of the series itself (our emphasis in bold):

Alex: “There are some hype about Sonic Adventure 3 right now, so I was wondering if you’d be interested to, for example, writing something that would be more like Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 with a bigger and more serious story.”

Pontac: “Um, well I’d love to write bigger stories, but I don’t…I’m not familiar with the Sonic Adventures that you’re talking about.”

Alex: “Oh, you’re not?”

Pontac: “No, like I said, I do [remember reading on the Sonic [websites] and Sonic forums] but it was very upbeat. It gives us his character of course, and, ya know, I sort of knew what he was about but I know nothing about his history or anything so I kinda went to Wikipedia and I watched some cutscenes from various games on Youtube. But um, yeah, I don’t really know the chronology.”

Some have taken away that this means Sega provided no additional context to Pontac or the writing team, but that is never directly discussed in this interview excerpt.

Sonic stories in games of late have taken more humorous but also more simplistic turns since Pontac and company were brought on board.  Depending on your perspective, it may not be a bad thing that the storytelling has almost reset previous canon–or at least barely pretends it exists.  What are your thoughts–is this for better or worse?  Share your reaction below in the comments.