New Freedom Planet Trailer Released

New Freedom Planet Trailer Released

by November 15, 2013

Hailed as “The Return of ’90s Mascot Platformers”

Louis will be back with the normal Fan Fridays segment next week, but for this week, for something born out of a fan’s insatiable desire to revive the pure platformer, we hope this is an acceptable substitute.  Just in the past couple of minutes, Freedom Planet creator Stephen DiDuro released a new trailer for the upcoming Sonic inspired platformer due for release on PC, Mac, and Steam.  You may remember the game as fully Kickstarted, as well as accepted under Steam’s Greenlight initiative.

Two minutes of gameplay video are included in the trailer.  The video also affirms a release timetable for this coming Spring.

We will continue to follow Freedom Planet’s development on the road to that fully finished and final release.