Playstation 4 Launches in North America

Playstation 4 Launches in North America

by November 15, 2013

Greatness Now Arrives

When the clock struck midnight, the next generation of gaming began as Sony’s Playstation 4 began sale.

Dozens to hundreds at a time lined up at stores across the country preparing for the midnight launch.  That is in addition to the more than one million estimated pre-orders the system received, according to

In New York City, Sony held an official launch party.  24 year old Joey Chiu was the first in line and first to buy.  But for those who weren’t braving the cold night, Amazon released a portion of launch edition PS4 for sale at midnight, with many gamers quickly taking advantage of the deal.  Some of those sales will ship as early as tomorrow.

There were some reports of PSN going down for a brief period overnight, affecting the most early of adopters.  It appears those issues have been resolved.  There have also been reports some who won a PS4 via a Taco Bell promotion are receiving defective units.

Still, for the most part, it’s been smooth sailing for Sony, which won incredible fan appeal not so much for the strength of PS4 but initial weaknesses with its competition, Microsoft’s XBOX One.  Incredible controversy over planned archaic DRM led to MS backtracking on those and other policies in the Summer.  XBOX One will release next week, a week out and a little closer to the crucial Black Friday shopping holiday.

If you have a console, tell us your initial impressions of Sony’s new system below in the comments.