SonicGDK v1.2 released; “Packaged Release 7” included

SonicGDK v1.2 released; “Packaged Release 7” included

by November 16, 2013

Improvements ahoy for the Unreal Engine code base

SonicGDK, a coding template to make Sonic the Hedgehog levels in Unreal Engine 3, has been updated to version 1.2. If you haven’t tried SonicGDK in a long time, it has evolved quite a bit, as evident by its changelog:

This is a major revision! What’s new? In short:

  • Split SonicGDKPackage.upk file into several files for easier modification and distribution.
  • Fixed problems related to the generation of installer files to distribute fangames.
  • Created a new badnik: Orbinaut.
  • Added a new obstacle: giant spiked balls.
  • Completed Hyper Sonic with the addition of the hyper flash.
  • Added underwater sound mode, with muffled sounds, ala Generations.
  • Created optimal movable variants of bumpers, dash rings and speed boosters.
  • Removed all DecalComponents; if you’re using a pawn template for Sonic in your map, delete it and re-add it.
  • Added more configurable options to simple destroyables.
  • Added the possibility of using custom loading movies per map.
  • Created the “Extreme” graphics quality setting.
  • Fixed pain causing water volumes.
  • Added collision options to cameras.
  • Fixed the GenericProjectile, it lagged the game when exploding.
  • Added optional flash of lights to rings, used when picked up.
  • Redone some visual particle effects for Sonic’s special moves.
  • Added lights to flame shield, magnetic shield and invincibility powerup.
  • More bug fixes.

For those of you out there who don’t want to download the UDK software and go through the trouble of dealing with source code, Xaklse has also provided SonicGDK Packaged Release 7, which installs like a stand-alone game and lets you run around the test map and have shenanigans (and presumably load any stand-alone maps that users create thanks to the recently-added menu system).

I tried SonicGDK recently and was pretty surprised at how much things like controls have improved; more people should look in to trying to make maps and things with this, as it’s quite a bit more flexible than modding something like Sonic Generations.