First Look: Sonic Comics for Early 2014

First Look: Sonic Comics for Early 2014

by November 18, 2013

Villains, Shadows, Shatters, and Super-Sized Digests

The Archie Sonic comics continue to roll on into 2014, with two new entries in the main series, a special super-sized Sonic digest, and the best of the worst on the villains’ side headed to comic readers’ eyes in a couple of months.

In a few months, a two part Chase arc will begin in the main Sonic comics, with Professor Pickle making an appearance in the series as the canon continues its reset.  On the Universe side, the third entry in the four part Shadow Fall arc makes its debut.  Volume 2 of the Best of Sonic the Hedgehog Comics will premiere with a focus on villains, and a special Sonic Super Digest is even more jam-packed with classic stories.

Previews for all four issues are below, followed by covers and variant covers.  Thanks to @MasterofMobius for tipping us on Twitter.


(W) Ian Flynn (A) Evan Stanley & Various (CA) Rafa Knight

The Shattered World Crisis continues! ‘The Chase’ Part One: Uncle Chuck and Professor Pickle – captured by the nefarious Dr. Eggman! It’s up to Sonic and the Freedom Fighters to secure the precious kidnapped cargo from the Egg Train! But they’re going to be in for the surprise of their lives when they discover that there are more than just badniks guarding it – can Sonic handle the deadly, mysterious E-107 Theta? Featuring a special CGI ‘Return of Princess Sally’ variant cover by Rafa Knight!


‘Shadow Fall’ Part Three: Shadow – agent of the brutal Black Arms?! It’s up to Rouge and Omega to bring their former friend to his senses – if he doesn’t destroy them all first! Meanwhile, the vicious alien race have stolen G.U.N.’s tactical nuclear device for – and that can only spell trouble! Will Team Dark survive the mission with the deadly and devious ECLIPSE lurking in the shadows? Find out in the penultimate chapter to this expansive space epic, featuring cover art from Tracy Yardley! and a special SEGA variant cover!


(W) Ian Flynn (A) Patrick Spaz Spaziante & Various (CA) Ben Bate, Dave Devries

Sonic’s ultimate comic collection is back with Best of Sonic the Hedgehog Villains paperback edition! This deluxe new installment to the smash-hit Best of Sonic series celebrates twenty years of loathsome characters you love to hate! Root for the bad guy (just this once) in this Best of of comics, specials and mini-series with the baddest baddies the Sonic comics have to offer! Villains features Dr. Eggman, Ixis Naugus, the Babylon Rouges, and many more in a must-have for any Sonic fan!


W/A) Various (CA) Rafa Knight

It’s a special super-sized edition of the Sonic Super digest! Sonic the Hedgehog’s adventures are now available in the popular digest format, but that’s just not enough Sonic for all you hungry Sonic fans out there! By popular demand, get ready for a super-sized issue filled with even more Sonic the Hedgehog goodness, stretching back to the beginning of the comics’ 20 year history! Can Sonic and the heroic Freedom Fighters save the world from the evils of Dr. Robotnik? Discover all the thrills, chills and spills for yourself with classic Sonic comics as only Sonic Super Digest can provide!