UK Sales: Lost World Holds, M&S2014 Still Can’t Chart

UK Sales: Lost World Holds, M&S2014 Still Can’t Chart

by November 18, 2013

Has the Bottom Been Found?

There is some good news and some rather concerning news to find in the latest official GFK Chart Track ranks from last week.  The data was issued this morning, and it shows that Sonic Lost World held its spot in the Multiplatform top 40 chart, despite the release of a couple new games in the region.

The combined sales of Lost World on Wii U and 3DS maintained its 34th place spot in the top 40.  On the Wii U top 10, the game actually ticked up a spot to 8th, though on the 3DS top 10, the portable edition fell three places to 10th week-to-week.

On the other side, forget the Olympics–it appears Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games can’t even get out of qualifiers.  Even with a full week on sale, the Wii U exclusive can’t find a spot in either the multiplatform top 40 or the Wii U top 10.  We don’t even have unofficial guidance on this title, so it’s very hard to tell how far this once multi-platinum franchise has fallen.  When we know something, we’ll pass it along.

This week may be the last week either title can make its mark ahead of Friday’s XBOX One launch, and next week’s Playstation 4 launch in the region.  We will keep you on top of any and all sales developments around the world, official and otherwise.