Report: MS2014 Only Nets ~1K EU Sales in Debut

Report: MS2014 Only Nets ~1K EU Sales in Debut

by November 21, 2013

Is There a Medic at the Olympic Village?

Our first unofficial look at sales data for Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games from unofficial aggregeator VGChartz shows that the Wii U exclusive sold an estimated 1,041 copies its debut week in all of Europe.

That number includes an estimated 808 sold in the UK, according to the website.  We had heard rumblings the actual number may hit in the 800 range, so this at least serves as some corroboration.

There are some things to consider.  First and foremost, we again stress these numbers are estimates and are unofficial, and should only serve as guide rather than gospel.  We already knew M&S 2014 did not chart in the official GFK Chart Track figures upon debut.  But that debut was only two days long.  Still, while we don’t have a final figure in for the second week yet, you will remember that M&S 2014 again failed to chart last week.  VGChartz has also overestimated the Sonic Lost World numbers some, so even hitting 1,000 sold may be in question. The game should also have a bit of a leash, since the actual Winter Olympics aren’t until February.  The opportunity for M&S 2014 to grow over time certainly exists.

Still, for a franchise known to have sold millions of copies, to have this kind of debut at the start of the Holiday shopping season is very worrisome.  We will continue to bring you all data we get in, official and unofficial.