Plans Announced for Return to Twice Yearly SAGE

Plans Announced for Return to Twice Yearly SAGE

by November 22, 2013

But At a Cost–No 2013 Event

You may have wondered what has become of the Sonic Amateur Games Expo.  The community tradition first held in 2000 and having seventeen iterations in all was last held in 2012, with questions and concerns about the event’s return for this year.

Late yesterday, new organizers for the event announced the return of SAGE, but not until this February–in effect skipping over 2013.

Said organizer Overbound on the Sonic Fan Games HQ forum:

It’s no small secret that SAGE has struggled the past few years. But thanks to many dedicated individuals SAGE has always been pulled off. Despite a lot of effort that didn’t quite happen in 2013. Strong Gust owner of and myself have are taking steps to ensure the success of SAGE for years to come. By building a website that can be easily reskinned for SAGE year after year no longer will we have to create the SAGE experience every year. From now on SAGE will be ready to go twice a year with all the features you’ve come to expect from past SAGE events. With that I’d like to announce SAGE 2014 Act 1.

The first SAGE of 2014 will be held February 23rd, with registrations due February 15th.  Panels in pixel art, level art, and level design are planned, with an open request underway for anyone who wishes to hold their own.  Booths will also be expanded to include other creative works, such as music or artwork.

A full rundown of details can be seen at the above cited link.  TSSZ will be here in February to bring you the most comprehensive coverage of this continued community tradition.