Sonic Xtreme boss footage and info found

Sonic Xtreme boss footage and info found

by November 22, 2013

Metal Sonic awaits to fight

Having new info about Sonic X-Treme is always something to celebrate on for a Sonic fan, since the cancelled game is one of holy grails of Sonic research. Now, we are a bit closer to it, since new information on how it worked has been released.

Sonic Retro user Andrew75 , of project AXSX fame, contacted Sonic X-Treme developer Christina Coffin, looking for more information about how her boss engine worked in the game, and this is what she answered:

The L,R triggers were set up to rotate the camera around sonic.
You could also press a certain button on the Saturn controller to
‘lock the camera onto the boss’ so then all of your d-pad movement
would become relative to the boss character.

For example:
lock on mode controls:
left/right on d-pad lets you circle strafe left/right while facing the
boss (good for dodging projectile from mecha sonic)
up made you run towards the boss while the camera is still looking at
down made you run away from the boss while the camera still looked at

As you can imagine, fighting the boss with the camera in ‘lock on
mode’ is very useful to dodge harmful things from the boss, and makes
it feel more like a 1 on 1 fighting game which is what I wanted.
Having the unlocked camera mode, where the camera stays in 3rd person
view behind sonic is also useful as well, so it depends on player
preference and certain bosses (I had plans for another boss to spawn
smaller enemies around him that you would have to jump/spindash into
and they go back to fighting the main boss)

Also, new footage on said boss stages have been found in the mid 90’s Canadian TV show The Anti-Gravity Room, where you can see around the 3:44 mark of this video: