Lost World Sales: US Falls Again; EU Steady

Lost World Sales: US Falls Again; EU Steady

by November 28, 2013

Europe Finds a Small Foothold

We continue our look at Sonic sales data with EU’s week 5 numbers, and the US’s week 3 figures.

On the US side, the independent sales tracking website VGChartz continues to show a significant downward trend.  For the week ending November 16th, the website only shows Wii U sales at a hair under 4,000 units, a nearly 40 percent decline week-to-week.  On the 3DS side, the fall had less of an impact and with more units were sold versus the Wii U version.  There, more than 7,200 units are estimated sold, a more than 20 percent drop week to week.

In Europe, sales are fairly steady on Wii U and even increasing on 3DS.  The 3DS version of Lost World nearly sold an estimated 6,000 units in Europe according to VGChartz for the week ending November 16th, which is a near 10 percent jump week over week. On the WiiU side, sales fell more than 11 percent to an estimated 2,421 units sold.

We again note these figures are unofficial and meant only as a guide.

We will continue to bring you all sales data–official and otherwise–as it comes in.