90s Arcade Racer shows off its environments

90s Arcade Racer shows off its environments

by November 29, 2013

Temple ruins, cities and more

In what is the first video from the project since its Kickstarter in February, Antonis “Pelikan13x” Pelekanos finally gives us a second look at his upcoming game, the Sega-inspired 90s Arcade Racer. The video showcases some pretty vast, winding tracks through countrysides, cities, race circuits, and even ancient ruins. On the project’s Kickstarter “Updates” page, Antonis writes:

Hello everyone,

I wanted this update to be a gameplay video but unfortunately the car handling is not ready to show yet. Instead I would like to share a video showing the latest developments for the race tracks. Excuse me for the quite bad youtube compression.

As many of you might have already figured out the game won’t be out this year, targeting more platforms as well as creating more cars and tracks than what was originally planned have led to a longer development cycle.

We are working hard to get the physics right and get rid of any bugs and unwanted behavior while also working on the AI and general game structure. It’s quite a challenge but every day we are getting closer.

Probably the biggest undertaking for this project, the art assets, tracks and cars are close to 90% done which means there is enough time to polish and optimize in order to get the best possible results.

Thank you!