Sega Confirms Shenmue III trademark being fake

Sega Confirms Shenmue III trademark being fake

by November 30, 2013

We will have to keep on waiting.

Shenmue III is one of those games that, like Half-Life 3 or Sonic Adventure 3, get rumoured to be on development on a cyclic way every now and then.   This was the case earlier this week, when a Shenmue III trademark popped up and made all the internet go crazy with speculation and rumours.

Well, since then, the trademark was suspected of being a hoax, as we reported earlier on, but now we have the confirmation of it being totally fake, by Sega’s mouth nonetheless.

The gaming website Eurogamer approached SEGA and asked them if this trademark was in fact, real or if it was a fake like all the ones we had in the past 10 years.  They confirmed that it was, in fact, fake. And that they were looking for the origin of this application to the trademark office.

So, for now, we will have to wait again to see Shenmue III. As the recent approach of Mark Cerny, from Sony, to Yu Suzuki seems to indicate, maybe the long waited sequel might be near, but not in this trademark.