Ken Pontac’s Complete Youmacon Interview Uploaded

Ken Pontac’s Complete Youmacon Interview Uploaded

by December 4, 2013

The Words Heard ‘Round the Sonic World

They sparked an immense amount of community discussion and debate.  They sparked our new columnist’s first Vertical Slice for TSSZ, in turn fueling even more debate.  Now, you can judge for yourself whether Sonic write Ken Pontac is up to snuff.

A complete copy of the interview, with added discussion and commentary, has been uploaded to Youtube. You may remember this was the interview where Pontac revealed he went into writing Sonic cold, but there’s much more to his remarks than that.   The total running time for this video is about 11 minutes, so if you desire complete context, get comfy before hitting Play on the video below.

When you’re finished, let us know your thoughts in the comments.