Research Reveals Deceased Welch Not Tails AoSTH VA

Research Reveals Deceased Welch Not Tails AoSTH VA

by December 5, 2013

Agency Says Credit is “Not Accurate”

A week after the team at Segabits set the gaming world on fire with the discovery of a fraudulently filed trademark for Shenmue III, staff reporter Barry Harmon has added a new layer to the passing of a respected Hollywood actor once believed to be the voice of Tails in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

It turns out the Christopher Evan Welch who passed earlier this week may not have voiced the fox at all.  The Segabits report cites conversations with a family friend of Welch and the talent agency representing Welch:

A friend of the family replied to my inquiry stating “I believe this is a miscredit”, and I was directed to his agents who could potentially give me a solid answer. At the moment, it looks like Christopher Evan Welch did not voice Tails.

UPDATE 2: I have reached out to Christopher Evan Welch’s talent agency Paradigm in New York and the credit of Tails attributed to Christopher Evan Welch is “not accurate”.

The Welch credit to Tails was cited in obituaries on entertainment sites around the world, including and IMDB.  Sonic and Sega community sites, including us, also immediately made the connection.  An entry crediting Tails’s AoSTH VA to Welch remains on the Sonic Retro wiki as of the time of this article’s publication.

Though the passing of Welch remains a sad loss for the entertainment community, these new developments have merited the retraction of our Welch obituary published earlier in the week, and the publication of this correction.