Report: Sonic Lost World Enjoys Black Friday Sales Boost

Report: Sonic Lost World Enjoys Black Friday Sales Boost

by December 11, 2013

Needed Highs Almost Across the Board

Black Friday proved positive for Sonic Lost World.  A game that badly needed a boost got one for the week ending November 30th, according to unofficial sales aggregate

Lost World’s 3DS version saw the biggest boost, no doubt due to a wider audience with the console.  Globally, VGChartz estimates that more than 31,000 units of Lost World 3DS were sold the week ending November 30th, an increase of more than two-thirds week-to-week and an all-time high in weekly sales for this edition.  The lion’s share of that increase came in North America, with VGChartz estimating a sales increase of more than 166 percent for the week, to more than 18,000 estimated sold.  In Europe, sales actually declined more than seven percent.  In the UK specifically, the decline was more than 17 percent, according to VGChartz.

The Wii U version, which has suffered, got a much needed boost of nearly double the previous week’s global total to nearly 14,000 sold, according to VGChartz.  It’s the highest weekly total for Lost World on Wii U since the US launch at the end of October.  In the US, sales jumped more than 150 percent, but were still in the four figure range; VGChartz estimates just under 9,000 units were sold there.  In Europe, sales increased 27 percent to just over 3,000 units estimated sold, and in the UK specifically, the increase was more than 42 percent.

We stress these estimates are unofficial, but the bottom line is this: There is still life left in Sonic Lost World. VGChartz estimates global sales of both versions have combined to sell some 230,000 units, so half a million isn’t out of the realm of possibility by the end of the year.  We will continue to keep you informed all the way through the end of Holiday shopping.  Sega Sammy will release official numbers toward the end of January.