Sega Releases Sonic Lost World Environment Concept Art

Sega Releases Sonic Lost World Environment Concept Art

by December 12, 2013

The Wonder World Unwrapped

Despite the ultimate result of Sonic Lost World both with reviews, fans, and sales, it’s hard to deny how difficult it must have been for Sonic Team to re-imagine the platforming experience in a wild, new way.

Earlier this week, the Sega blog released several new photos of how that experience came to be through environmental concept art shots and sketches.  You can see some shots below; the remainder are at the blog.  A variety of stages are covered, along with developer comments on how the sketches eventually translated into stages.

For example, here is a remark on a Windy Hill design sketch:

The concept was totally new, so we couldn’t decide the direction of the design. It was tough as we had to re-make this first stage over and over.

Read more at the Sega blog, and see more below.