Scrapped level from Sonic 2 Mobile found

Scrapped level from Sonic 2 Mobile found

by December 17, 2013

Was going to be a completely new stage

It has been a few days since Taxman’s and Stealth’s Sonic 2 remaster was released for Android and iOS mobile devices, with the huge surprise of having Hidden Palace restored into the game officially.

But seems like if a stage gets restored, another one got cut off. Sonic Retro user Sonicblur found another stage hidden in the this new release code, one that was not present on the original Sonic 2 for Sega Genesis. It was called Egg Gauntlet, and it was a different way to play the Boss Rush present in the game. Instead of just battling all the original Sonic 2 bosses, they thought of a sort of training arena with small platforming sections between battle dome and battle dome. It was almost finished, but It had to be removed, as Taxman himself commented on Sonic Retro’s forums.

“Regarding Egg Gauntlet:

Basically during development, we tried something different for the Boss Attack mode. Instead of the original bosses back to back, they were all in the one zone with connecting platforming sections – the idea being that it was a testing facility, with mechanical palm trees, flashing lights etc etc. It was fairly close to completion (it just needed a few graphical effects, replacing placeholder graphics, and general polish), however Sonic Team didn’t agree with changing the location, colours or graphic style for the Bosses.

So in the end we respected the wishes of the team and put together the Boss Attack you see today.”

Some tiles and the entire map was ripped from the game, along with some mockups of how it looked made by  Sonic Retro user Rika Chou.