Sonic Dash’s Global Challenge now live

Sonic Dash’s Global Challenge now live

by December 23, 2013

Gather presents and unlock Silver the Hedgehog

 Sonic Dash had a recent update for both Android and iOS versions who made the game ready for a new Global Challenge which should be available soon. Well, it is now.

If you start Sonic Dash on your iOS or Android device now, you’ll be welcomed by a new Global Challenge who invites you to find the hidden presents located all around the stages. If all the players collect enough presents, a new character will be unlocked for all those who join the challenge.

This time, it’s Silver the Hedgehog the one who will join the cast of playable characters in SEGA’s and Hardlight Studio’s free 2 play title for mobile devices. It hasn’t been announced officially by SEGA or Hardlight, so the details like until when we can take part are still unknown, but the basics are there: get presents, and if all the Sonic Dash players together get enough presents, Silver will be unlocked.

We will update this report as soon as SEGA officially announces it and reveals more details. Meanwhile, you can go dashing and getting those Christmas presents.