Flynn Seeks Input for “Lost Hedgehog Tales”

Flynn Seeks Input for “Lost Hedgehog Tales”

by December 31, 2013

Jog Writer’s Memory for “A write-up of all my original plans”

With a whirlwind past two years in the Sonic comic universe now mostly behind, current principal writer Ian Flynn now wants to do something special for loyal readers.

On December 19th, Flynn revealed his intention to showcase Lost Hedgehog Tales, a write-up of ideas he had considered for 2012 and 2013 before Archie Comics’s lawsuit against former writer Ken Penders changed everything.

According to Flynn on the Bumbleking forums, Lost Hedgehog Tales will be a perusal of what could have been:

(The project is) an informal overview of storylines I pitched or was planning to pitch before things got all… dramatic. There will not be any manuscript material, nor any original documents sent to Archie. Think of it as me pulling a box out of the attic, going through its contents, and telling you about each thing. Those “things” will include:
– the original ending to the King Naugus Arc
– Mecha Sally’s fate
– both versions of “Endangered Species”
– the aforementioned plans that would’ve taken us through STH#300
– Hershey’s role
– …and more!

The project will likely be released around Summertime, at no cost, and nothing included in the work will impact the current official canon in the published comics.  Flynn considered and then ruled out taking donations toward the effort.

As to whether his superiors at Archie knows of the project:

I don’t know – I haven’t asked. This is all me. Since this material isn’t being used by them, and a fair bit of it was never shown to them, they’re not really involved. This is just me doing something for the fans. An informal, unlicensed, non-profit, unofficial thing for fun.

Your help is needed to jog Ian’s memory on what to include in Lost Hedgehog Tales; you can head here to offer your two cents.