New Video: 20 Minutes of ASRT Mobile Gameplay

New Video: 20 Minutes of ASRT Mobile Gameplay

by January 1, 2014

Is Ryo Ready to Roll from the Start?

With Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed set to release on mobile platforms tomorrow, you deserve to know what you’re getting yourself into before pondering a purchase.

Enter’s extensive preview of the game, which you can watch below.  We can already determine a couple key differences from the console and PC counterparts; for one, it does not appear any character is unlocked from the start, including Ryo Hazuki.  Players must use either rings or earn stars to unlock racers. Furthermore no immediate information is given on how to unlock players like Ryo, Ralph, or Metal Sonic among others, aside from the outright option to unlock everything out of the gate for an additional cost. Furthermore, it appears even higher classes of difficulty have to be purchased with rings earned as well.

The good news is that it appears a player is given a set amount of rings to begin, and stars can be earned by winning races or various challenges in-game.  But  be assured that there are options  to purchase rings, stars, and other options outright for a price.  For one, there’s a VIP pass that runs $6.49 according to the preview, and a ring converter that will exchange rings earned for stars to unlock more.  It appears earlier indications of a total unlock for $8.99 or thereabouts were also way off; options in the video below run as high as $18.99.

But the thing that may really bother some is the extra effort required to unlock the game’s multiplayer mode.  It’s our understanding that completing the World Tour is required to unlock the mode.  In lieu of that, purchasing the game’s VIP pass will unlock multiplayer and Grand Prix.  There is also the option to link the game up with a player’s Facebook account, with the promise of “playing against friends in World Tour”–though it’s not clear whether that applies to other Facebook friends or all other potential players.

Still, the gameplay itself appears very faithful to the original, and there’s plenty of it to see with Tails as commandeer.  Take a look at it all for yourself below, and then afford your thoughts in the comments.  Thanks to Galo Irán for tipping us on Twitter.