Lycett Explains ASRT Mobile’s Extensive In-App Purchases

Lycett Explains ASRT Mobile’s Extensive In-App Purchases

by January 2, 2014

“Have a little faith in us”

Many players of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed were a bit unpleasantly surprised today to see much of the game’s features locked behind in-app purchases.  So Sumo Executive Producer Steve Lycett took to multiple avenues today, including the Sega forums, the SSMB, and NeoGAF to address fan concerns.

His remarks, in full, follow.  Lycett assures fans that all features are indeed unlockable in-game without spending a dime, and adds there are more features in the mobile port than on ASRT’s console counterparts:

1. You can get everything in the game through playing it and with in-game currency you earn through playing (with the exception of some early access to DLC content). You don’t have to spend anything else unless you want too after buying the game.

2. All players should start with the VIP pack (the guys who posted that video must have copied it from another device or haven’t signed into the store). That includes GP mode, Multiplayer and 4 characters right from the start…

3. You can buy an All-Star move in single player modes. But it’s limited via a cooldown.

4. You can get starting items via the tumbler to give you a boost at the start of a race, but guess what, entirely optional.

5. That FaceBook login stuff allows us to do proper leaderboards for all events in a way that you can’t normally. It’s actually pretty cool to have a leaderboard per event and per difficulty. It is also entirely optional.

With regards to the Race/Retry cost, each area of the game has a ‘Free’ Difficulty. This difficulty increases as you go through the game. You can earn Rings (and Stars) by playing any event, and you can in fact can play free events over and over to build up a stock on in-game currency. If you’re any good at the game (which I’d hope you would be) good chance you’ll race through the easier events in the earlier chapters and build up a stock.

For any event you play, you will always get more currency back than it costs if you succeed in beating the goal.

It’s quite similar to the SEGA miles in the original game basically. Or if you’ve played GT6, you’ll have the right kind of idea.

I repeat, you never have to pay anything, everything can be accessed through play and by earning in-game currency. You can opt to shortcut this if you want to pay, but it’s by no means compulsory.

BTW, you can also earn in-game currency playing online, which is entirely free.

I know how (un)popular IAP’s are, but we’ve tried to design this around them in a fair way, before you criticise too harshly, wait till some people have played it and seen what it’s like. I think you may be pleasantly surprised. For a start, there are more game events in there than the console version and some things that have been requested (such as upgradable vehicles) have made it into the mobile versions.

That’s all I can say on this right now, have a little faith in us though, there has been a lot of thought gone into this to make sure it offers choice but rewards play. Some people actually like being able to pay to get everything without any effort which is why the option is there.

If nothing else, Sega and Sumo appear committed to supporting the mobile edition, in addition to the PC port. How much is anyone’s guess; so far, however, on the iOS app charts, it appears ASR Transformed has barely made a dent in the top apps.  It also doesn’t help when Android users have allegedly yet to see the game on Google Play.