Report: Ryo to Remain ASRT Mobile Exclusive…For Now

Report: Ryo to Remain ASRT Mobile Exclusive…For Now

by January 2, 2014

PC Players Will Have to Wait

What is Sega thinking?  Even though evidence exists of fan favorite Ryo Hazuki speeding through the courses of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on the PC version, a report from Destructoid published yesterday claims Ryo will stay exclusive to the mobile edition, at least for a time.

According to writer Chris Carter, even with the privilege of Ryo on mobile, Sega and Sumo have made unlocking him particularly difficult:

At this time I can confirm that he will indeed be returning to the franchise, but for right now, only in the iOS and Android versions of the game…


In order to unlock him, you have to complete a full streak of weekly challenges — a mobile-centric feature that allows you to enter certain race types on a time limit.

No timetable has been given as to when Ryo could show up via Steam, if he does at all.

PC players–is this fair?  Tell us your thoughts below in the comments.