Sonic Writer Flynn in Den of Geek’s 101 Creators to Watch

Sonic Writer Flynn in Den of Geek’s 101 Creators to Watch

by January 2, 2014

A High Honor after a Rough Year

For all intents and purposes, it has not been a great year for Ian Flynn.  Having to again reinvent the wheel of Sonic canon in the wake of Archie’s settlement with Ken Penders has not gone over well with some fans.  So it is a bit of a relief to know that Flynn has been named in Den of Geek Comics’s 101 Creators to Watch in 2014.

Coming in at #93, the website raved more about his role at Archie than anything else, citing last year’s Worlds Collide arc as a major reason:

While it’s easy to admire Ian Flynn’s writing, it’s even easier to envy his current role at Archie Comics. He’s a man who gets to play with his toys on a major level as the writer for Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man. When brought on to take over for the Sonic franchise, Flynn was considered a breath of fresh air who slowly but surely brought the series back to greatness. Mega Man is a series he’s been with from the very beginning and has been able to make it one of the more exciting and fun comics on the rack. He’s also written a 12-issue crossover between the two video game heroes, a script I can only imagine has been sitting in his sock drawer since he was ten. It isn’t just that he’s able to have access to these characters, but he’s also able to write some great comics with them, which will continue on in 2014 as he continues to live the dream.

We congratulate Flynn on the mention.