Lycett Hints Ryo for ASRT Planned for Simultaneous Cross-Platform Release

Lycett Hints Ryo for ASRT Planned for Simultaneous Cross-Platform Release

by January 13, 2014

“A few alterations were requested” During Planning

Continuing his support of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed since the recent mobile release, Sumo Digital Executive Producer Steve Lycett remarked while not necessarily remarking on the state of Ryo in-game.  Think of it as an inference; an announcement minus the actual announcement, as saying anything substantial could get Lycett in trouble.

Such remarks came over the weekend on the Sega forums, where Lycett responded to concerns that keeping Ryo to mobile and not yet for PC and other versions were meant as nothing more than cash-ins:

If I could talk about, which I can’t, I would suggest that maybe the plan was to release a certain character on more than the mobile version on the same date. And then I might suggest that concievably that the plan may have to had change because a few alterations were requested which in turn require time and testing to ensure they were done correctly.

But I can’t really talk about that as you know.

The remarks minus remarks certainly explains why Ryo appeared to creep up on the PC version as part of a December Yogscast charity marathon. So why the delay? No one outside Sumo and Sega know for sure, but it could have something to do with Ryo utilizing what appears to be an OutRun cabinet in-game.  You may remember that Sega lost the rights to the Ferrari license in the franchise, enough so that OutRun Online Arcade had to be yanked from PSN and XBOX Live a few years back.  It’s not clear whether such strict rights management applies to the mobile version–or if that’s the reason at all.

We will keep you up on date on Ryo’s re-tooling for ASRT on consoles as we gather more information.