Video: Keith Apicary as Sega CEO

Video: Keith Apicary as Sega CEO

by January 15, 2014

Time to Launch the Dreamcast 2–Or Not

If you’re part of the cool kids crowd, maybe you know who the Keith Apicary character is.  Being an old fart, I do not. All I know is that he and his viral videos are the brain child of comedian Nathan Barnatt, and that a series set to star Apicary didn’t get very far at cable outlet Adult Swim.

But that won’t stop the awkward video game aficionado–who previously produced Sonic the Hedgesong–from taking over the gaming world, one company at a time.  His first stop: Sega.

In a four minute short published last week, Apicary storms the studios of Sega of America–to our surprise, there are still other people there–and he has some big plans.  It turns out, however, his biggest plan of all is to get you to buy Sonic Lost World on Wii U, which he blatantly plugs at the end of the short. That probably means this cost Sega a fair bit of money to keep Lost World at the forefront of gamers’ minds.

Watch below.  He can’t be worse than some of the actual decisions Sega has made recently, right?