Next Super Smash Bros. To Curb Edge Hogs

Next Super Smash Bros. To Curb Edge Hogs

by January 22, 2014

Hedgehogs, However, Still Allowed

The next significant Sonic title, for the moment, is the title that could effectively make or break the Wii U: the new Super Smash Bros. for it and 3DS. When it is released, a significant change to the playing mechanics revealed today should even the playing field for newcomers to the character driven fighter.

Director Masahiro Sakurai revealed on Nintendo’s Miiverse portal via a photo showing Link overtaking Mario the revisions to what’s been dubbed “edge-hogging”–holding on to the edge of a stage and disallowing a second player from:

There are many changes being made to attack and defense options for grabbing edges.

Some other changes include:

-Air time and accumulated damage will determine your period of invincibility while hanging on an edge.

-Grab controls will no longer be affected by whether you have above or below 100% damage.

The next SSB will be released later this year.  We will bring you any relevant developments here.