Sonic Themed Doodle Jump Toys on Showcase

Sonic Themed Doodle Jump Toys on Showcase

by January 22, 2014

Has the UK Toy Fair Clued Another Crossover?

These days, Sonic is no stranger to appearing anywhere and everywhere that isn’t his own world, from LittleBigPlanet costume skins to the upcoming Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS to a Worlds Collide crossover with Mega Man.  But if photography released today by the blog Idle Hands along with firm H and K Photography are any indication, it’s about time for one more.

That’s because the photos, in our gallery below, show a Sonic themed skin on Doodler, the primary character in the nearly five year old but still popular mobile title Doodle Jump, on display at the London Toy Fair which opened this week.  Sonic, of course, is in his own endless jumper known as Sonic Jump, so it’s hard to conclude whether these toys indicate a Sonic appearance in Doodle Jump.  Generally, the Doodler is the one who cameos in other titles, though characters from both Doodle Jump and Pocket God have crossed over into each other’s respective titles.

If nothing else, these small trinkets should be available from Paladone in due course.  We’ll let you know if it goes any further than that.