Marza Animation Planet’s “Robodog” gets Hollywood talent

Marza Animation Planet’s “Robodog” gets Hollywood talent

by January 30, 2014

Ron Pearlman and Chris Colfer to star

If the name “Marza Animation Planet” doesn’t immediately ring any bells, I won’t blame you. Once upon a time they were called “SEGA V.E.”, a CGI production studio initially known for the Night of the Werehog short movie back in 2008. In addition to producing CG video for many of Sega’s games, Marza Animation Planet has been trying to launch themselves in to the feature-length movie business for quite a while now. Their first feature-length project, Captain Harlock, released in Japan in September.

According to Anime News Network, Marza Animation Planet is now focusing on their next feature, an original concept titled “Robodog”.

Marza described the film as a “heartwarming family adventure about two dogs that couldn’t be more different from one another. One is a bright and energetic Robotic dog and the other, an old and grumpy real dog who’s seen it all. The unlikely duo make a classic odd couple as they embark on an adventure of a lifetime as they learn about their place in the world and the true nature of friendship.”

Ron Pearlman (Pacific Rim, Hellboy) will star along side Chris Colfer (Glee). Voice work will begin February 1st, and UK-based “Timeless Films” will be pitching the movie for release in domestic territories.