Sega’s Parker Denies Toy Fair Sign Reports

Sega’s Parker Denies Toy Fair Sign Reports

by February 4, 2014

What Was Mostly Known Details Now “Incorrect”

What planet is Kellie Parker and the Sega community team living on?  Instead of clarifying the details of a sign Sonic toy maker Jazwares showed at the International Toy Fair last week–details we showed you were mostly regurgitated from earlier releases or wasn’t really significant new information at all–Parker, the senior community manager for the company, issued a near blanket denial of anything on that sign being accurate.

“The recent information coming out of Nuremburg Toy Fair was incorrect,” Parker said on the Sega forums.  “SEGA has yet to announce details of upcoming console video games for Sonic the Hedgehog, or further details regarding the new Sonic CG TV series.”

Except Sega has to a large extent.  Regarding games, we know there will be at least one more Nintendo exclusive Sonic title, presumably out this year if Sega’s pattern of releasing Sonic games in time for the Holidays holds. The only matters up for debate from the sign is whether that game will end up being a multiplatform affair eventually, or if Sega will have Sonic take a break this year. Otherwise, the idea of Sonic returning to multiple platforms in 2015 is nearly assured and even assumed, unless Sega and Nintendo plan to enter a long term agreement.

Parker’s backpedaling of the details from Sonic Boom is even more perplexing, since basically everything on that sign was relayed from Sega’s own press release on Sonic Boom TV back in October (and which we brought you first in June.)  Parker even refused to mention Sonic Boom by name–though in her defense, Boom was touted as a tentative name.

In the end, we have another classic case of the left arm not telling or knowing what the right should do, resulting in even more confusion for fans desperate for information on the next step for Sonic. We want to know if you believe a word of Kellie’s denial on behalf of the company.  Tell us below in the comments.