Reports: Sonic Boom Part of Complete Franchise Relaunch

Reports: Sonic Boom Part of Complete Franchise Relaunch

by February 6, 2014

Updated Designs, TV, Games, and Toys Part of the Deal

We have scarce details coming in from a couple rouge Tweeters allegedly at the Year of Sonic press event in New York City.  That event is still ongoing, even as we type this.

According to these reports, the Sonic Boom launch on TV will be a front for a total relaunch across TV, games, and toys.  Sonic Boom will allegedly have a video game component on traditional game systems and mobile platforms.  We do not know if Boom will be the 3rd Nintendo exclusive Sonic title, but it could be the 2015 multiplatform affair alluded to in that much talked about sign last weekend.

In additional, reports suggest Sega has partnered with Tomy to produce material in the updated character style of Sonic Boom.  We’ve learned new character designs for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy were also revealed at the event, with Tails having a tool belt as part of his clothing, and Sonic and Knuckles having sports tape.  We do not have pictures, but as soon as they come along, we will bring them to you.

What we don’t know at this point is whether Sonic Boom will be in its own continuity and canon, much like how the Archie Sonic comics and even the 1990s Sonic TV series were self-contained, or if this will become the continuity and canon going forward.  Our news partners at Sonic Paradise have also learned but not yet confirmed Sonic Team may not be involved in the game’s development.  That’s important, as it may suggest separate continuities where Sonic Team can still do its thing with major titles, with Boom acting in a secondary tier.

Right now, this sounds a lot like a story we brought you two years ago, when we first learned of a potential reboot of the Sonic franchise for 2014.  It’s a little too early and we have too few details right now to say We Told You So, but right now, the stars look fairly well aligned depending on how this pans out.

This is a developing story, and we may update here when needed.  Stay with TSSZ for the latest information as this unfolds.