Source: Sonic Boom Planned as 3rd Nintendo Exclusive and Main Canon

Source: Sonic Boom Planned as 3rd Nintendo Exclusive and Main Canon

by February 6, 2014

US Studio Allegedly Handling Development

TSSZ has learned through a reliable source significant details pertaining to the upcoming Sonic Boom franchise.  We are, of course, referring to the revelation learned just in the last few minutes that Sonic Boom is part of a larger franchise relaunch encompassing the already known television series, video games, and a toy line from Tomy.

First, our source has told TSSZ hat the Sonic Boom video game is at least planned as the third Nintendo exclusive title.  Whether it will remain exclusive to Nintendo is up for debate at the moment–in part because of the much discussed Jazwares sign at the International Toy Fair last weekend that hinted at a 2015 Sonic for Wii U, XBOX One, and Playstation 4, and in part because our source does not know whether the Sega/Nintendo partnership ended prematurely.  Also, recall that our initial report on the Boom franchise cited both a proper console and mobile release. We are working to learn more on this front.

Second, our source tells TSSZ that Sega plans to make Sonic Boom the main Sonic canon going forward–in effect making it a complete franchise reboot and confirming our story from two years ago.  However, our source cautions this too could change, and how fans react to news of the reboot could significantly impact how it changes.  In short: Your voice matters more than ever.

Third, our source has confirmed development of Boom is being handled by an American studio and not Sonic Team.  However, we do not know yet what specific studio is handling the game.  We’ve also learned the Boom video game will be a 3D platformer that emphasizes exploration, and at this stage has multiple playable characters.  How many? We don’t have those specific details.

We are working to get more information.  Stay with TSSZ for more on this big, breaking and quickly evolving story as it develops.