Video Interview Reveals No Online Play for Sonic Boom

Video Interview Reveals No Online Play for Sonic Boom

by February 7, 2014

New and Returning Characters on the Table

We hope you have friends in real life, because you’ll need them to enjoy the multiplayer facets of Sonic Boom.

A video interview published late Thursday by Nintendo World Report on its Youtube page reveals via Sega producer Stephen Frost that the next Sonic and the last of the three Nintendo exclusive Sonic games will not have online play included.  Said Frost on the decision:

We really wanted to focus on, sort of, the ‘in the living room’ kind of experience, so we have a lot of stuff geared toward that. And really, the way the game is designed, it’s more about you and I kind of talking together and solving problems.  [….] So we really wanted those moments of, like ‘Look at what I’m doing! What are you doing?’ and things like that, and really build that excitement. [….] We wanted that family experience, that sort of local co-opting, and that’s what we’re focused on.

Frost cited a potential scenario where a father helps his son out in the middle of a tough spot for the son as a potential scenario where local co-op was preferred over online play.  It’s already been confirmed co-op will be developed for 2 and up to 4 players in certain scenarios.

Also in the video, which you can watch below, Frost does confirm the possibility of new and returning characters in Sonic Boom, but dodges a more specific question about, as an example, an updated Shadow making an appearance.   The core four of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy appear to be the playable characters for the game, however.

We will continue to cover Sonic Boom as new details and media come in.