Flynn Updates Readers on New Sonic Comic Continuity

Flynn Updates Readers on New Sonic Comic Continuity

by February 17, 2014

Readers Spot Cut Cameos in Latest Issue

Principal Sonic comic writer Ian Flynn continues to keep his audience informed about the still fluid nature of the Sonic comic continuity, recently reset again.  On the Bumbleking forums, Flynn noted three games that, in this new world, has not transpired yet, and why:

Thus far, three games haven’t happened in the new continuity:
– Sonic Unleashed
– Sonic Lost World
– Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood

Why not Sonic Unleashed?
It will become more clear once “The Chase” is done (STH#258-259), but suffice to say, if Unleashed had already happened, a lot of the tension and mystery of the “Shattered World Crisis” would be lost.

Why not Sonic Lost World?
Going forward, I’d really like to keep to the order of the games. Thankfully, the games after Shadow are fairly self-contained, allowing me to “wait” on doing Unleashed until now.

Why not Sonic Chronicles?
Mr. Penders. I’m not sweating it at the moment, though, since Chronicles is supposed to take place a few years after the main timeline anyway. We have plenty of stories to tell until then.

Other eagle-eyed readers have noticed some planned character cameos what were teased for issue 257 have not transpired.  Some have speculated this to be at Sega’s discretion.  We haven’t found a response from Flynn on the matter.  If we do, we will let you know.