Tomy Debuts Sonic Boom Themed Toys

Tomy Debuts Sonic Boom Themed Toys

by February 17, 2014

Affirms Itself as Sonic’s “Master Toy Partner”

Over the weekend as the New York Toy Fair debuted, Sonic Boom toy partner Tomy debuted three of the four main character figurines for the series, both on the show floor and via Facebook:


And move over Jazwares and others; in their post, Tomy affirmed itself as the new primary creator of Sonic toys, at least for this initiative:

TOMY, the new master toy partner for Sonic, is proud to show off the first of many great new Sonic toys at New York Toy Fair!

Why there’s no Knuckles figure we’re not quite sure–we assume it’s because it’s so tall it broke the overhead ceiling at the Javits Center.  Thanks to AugieD who tipped us on Twitter.