New SAGE 2014 Trailer Released

New SAGE 2014 Trailer Released

by February 19, 2014

A Sample of the Fan Game and Indie Buffet

With Sonic Boom dominating the headlines the past week or two, it’s easy to forget there is major online event starting Sunday: The 2014 Sonic Amateur Games Expo.

Just minutes ago, organizers released a two minute teaser trailer of the many Sonic fan games and indie titles that will be playable at this year’s SAGE. The video was produced by Sega Driven founder Lewis Clark, better known as Sonic Yoda.  Titles featured include Modern Sonic Dash+, Project Eclipse, Jam, Sonic Game Land, Sonic Lost Adventure, and Sonic Legacy.  Watch it below.

Our coverage of this community tradition will start to kick into high gear tomorrow, when we share with you excerpts of the stories our team is working on.  Then keep checking back all next week for comprehensive coverage of this community tradition.