Sega Releases Sonic Boom Press Event Video

Sega Releases Sonic Boom Press Event Video

by February 20, 2014

Watch What You Know from 2 Weeks Ago

They could have streamed it live for the masses to digest directly, but instead, Sega of America today released video highlights from their New York City based Sonic Boom press reveal two weeks ago.

In it, you’ll see remarks from Sega’s Marcella Churchill, BigRedButton’s Bob Rafei, Nintendo of America licensing VP Steve Singer, Sonic Boom TV showrunner Evan Baily, Tomy SVP Willie Wilkov, and more.  The comments appear carefully crafted, and there aren’t any direct Q&A notes from staffers as we’ve seen in previous videos.  You may also spot Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka in the video, confirming his attendance at the show.

Watch the remarks below.  We will continue to follow developments on Sonic Boom leading up to its launch later this year–whenever it may be.