Fan Fridays: Sonic Amateur Games Expo

Fan Fridays: Sonic Amateur Games Expo

by February 23, 2014

A Bit of Background on a Big Community Event

I can’t even make a joke about it not being Friday; that’s how much I missed the boat on this one.

Anyway, the Sonic Amateur Games Expo is once again in full swing, and I’ve dedicated our weekly feature to the long-running event. Here’s a little bit of backstory on the event for those of you who aren’t yet very familiar with it. SAGE as we know it was started on September 9th, 2000 by our own Ryan Bloom as a way to further showcase and promote Sonic fan games. Back then, the event was biannual, and Ryan oversaw the first four or five events before handing the reigns over to Smidge204 and PerfectChaosZero. The event morphed into its current annual format in 2005 and has since been directed by many different people.

This year’s event has Overbound and Slade Bad at the helm, and they look to be putting on another great show. With 28 fan games on display alongside other art and entertainment material, there’s a lot to see this year. Head over to SAGE‘s main page to check everything out, and stay tuned throughout the week for TSSZ’s full coverage of the event!