SAGE 2014 Overview: Sonic Game Land

SAGE 2014 Overview: Sonic Game Land

by February 24, 2014

Ready to Race for One More Expo

Our first overview for SAGE this year is Sonic Game Land, a return entrant to the online expo.  Game Land builds upon Sonic Colors, taking place entirely in an entity known as…well, Game Land.


It is one of the few SFGs out there with less of a focus on platforming and more on pure racing.  That focus hasn’t waned since we last saw Game Land in 2012:

Sonic the Hedgehog — Game Land is an incomplete Sonic fan game which builds on the events of Sonic Colours, telling the story of a planetoid named “Game Land”. The gameplay style is influenced by the official game titles Sonic Rivals and Sonic Riders. Race and battle your opponents across 5 graphically polished zones as 6 playable characters!

A playable demo and more screenshots are available at the Game Land SAGE booth.  Later today, Michael Westgarth will have an interview with the SFG’s creator, Valerii.