ASRT Japan Pre-Orders to Come with Soundtrack

ASRT Japan Pre-Orders to Come with Soundtrack

by February 25, 2014

A Special Something Worth the Wait?

Those who begged Sega and Sumo Digital to release a soundtrack for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed are getting their wish, though not quite in the way they had hoped.  Players who pre-order the Japanese version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will get a special compilation soundtrack, our friends at Sega Nerds revealed last night.

We’ve already known about some differences between ASRT in the East versus the West, but this is by far the most significant one revealed to date.  The special bonus soundtrack contains 18 cuts of music, and you can see the listings below.  It’s not immediately clear if all the tracks are proper remixes as featured in the game, or will be re-issues of the original music.

  1. Opening (Sonic & All-Stars Racing TRANSFORMED)
  2. Flight (Panzer Dragoon)
  3. After Burner (Afterburner II)
  4. Jungle Stage (Super Monkey Ball)
  5. Theme of gentle mountain of 5. Wind (Super Monkey Ball DS)
  6. Starlight Carnival – Act 2 (Sonic Colors)
  7. Idaten (The Super Shinobi II aka Shinobi III for US)
  8. Japonesque (The Super Shinobi II aka Shinobi III for US)
  9. Title (Sonic & Knuckles)
  10. Sky Sanctuary – Act 2 [Normal] (Sonic Generations)
  11. That ‘s Enough (Jet Set Radio)
  12. Wilderness (Golden Axe)
  13. The Reporter from SCH5 (Space Channel 5)
  14. Paternal Horn (NiGHTS into dreams …)
  15. We are Burning Rangers (Burning Rangers)
  16. Splash Wave (Outrun 2)
  17. Main Theme (Space Harrier)
  18. Ocean Palace Medley Title from Sonic CD ~ Sonic – You Can Do Anything ~ Super Sonic Racing [Bonus Track] (Sonic & All-Stars Racing TRANSFORMED)

If you want to take a chance with a pre-order, you can get the Wii U and PS3 versions through our partners at CDJapan.  Buying through there helps us a little bit in the process.