Inside the Pages: Sonic Universe #61

Inside the Pages: Sonic Universe #61

by February 26, 2014

It’s All “A Matter of Trust”

This week via Comic Book Resources, a preview for Sonic Universe #61, the latest to chronicle the four part Shadow Fall arc, was released.

Issue 61 constitutes part three of the series, and in it, Shadow’s under enemy command, with Rouge and Omega frantically trying to bring him back to the better side from the Black Arms. But it’s not just their friend they need to worry about, as the G.U.N. tactical nuke is now stolen!

The cover for SU #61 and the first four pages follow Archie’s formal synopsis.  SU #61 will start trickling into newsstands and comic book retailers today.

“Shadow Fall” Part Three: Shadow – agent of the brutal Black Arms?! It’s up to Rouge and Omega to bring their former friend to his senses – if he doesn’t destroy them all first! Meanwhile, the vicious alien race have stolen G.U.N.’s tactical nuclear device for – and that can only spell trouble! Will Team Dark survive the mission with the deadly and devious ECLIPSE lurking in the shadows? Find out in the penultimate chapter to this expansive space epic, featuring cover art from Tracy Yardley! and a special SEGA variant cover!