SAGE 2014: Project AXSX “Live Playthrough”

SAGE 2014: Project AXSX “Live Playthrough”

by February 26, 2014

It may not be officially present, but it’s still here

In contrast to what I said in last night’s SAGE reviews about not really understanding why people choose to recreate Sonic X-treme, I’ve always thought Project AXSX looked remarkably interesting. AXSX uses SonicGDK to create what might be the most fully-featured, highly functional recreation of Sonic X-treme with a number of unique twists on how gravity is represented in the game world.

Though Project AXSX was not officially featured at SAGE this year (“…there are some glitches that I would like to have worked out first”, says Andrew75, its creator), it’s still kicking around the form of this 15 minute live demonstration, showcasing the improved technology and some seriously twisted level design:

More information on Project AXSX can be found at the SonicGDK booth, where you can also find a link to download the 2012 Winter Demo.