SAGE 2014 Overview: Sonic with a Gun

SAGE 2014 Overview: Sonic with a Gun

by February 27, 2014

It’s Back, and Bigger than Ever

Sonic with a Gun first appeared at SAGE 2010, and it’s made a triumphant return this year as a full-fledged game. The game now features 25 levels across seven zones, not including bonus stages or hidden areas. The game’s creator describes it as follows:

SWAG alters Epic Megagames’ 1994 DOS game Jazz Jackrabbit (in graphics, enemies, and level design), primarily in the style of SEGA’s 1991 Genesis/Megadrive game Sonic the Hedgehog. Certain details are also lifted from various other games, such as Sonic 2 (G/MD), Sonic 1 (SMS/GG), Sonic 4 Episode 1, Sonic CD, Sonic Advance 3, Sonic Mars, and so on. SWAG encompasses six main planets/zones, each with graphics, level layouts, enemies, and other obstacles unlike anything before seen in Jazz 1 modding, in an elaborate celebration of the Jazz engine and the Sonic series.

All elements of this mod are to be seen as a remake: next to none of the original graphics or level design from Sonic 1 are present, and instead 99% of the graphics are edited from Jazz art and the level design is a hybrid between the styles of the two games. Enemies and other level objects are included as accurately as possible within the constraints of the Jazz 1 engine, with occasional new additions or modifications in the spirit of either the original or the mod.

You can check out screenshots of the game below, and you can download the full game at its SAGE booth page here. Our own Ryan Bloom didn’t completely fall in love with it in his review, but your feelings may differ.