SAGE 2014 Overview: Lange

SAGE 2014 Overview: Lange

by February 28, 2014

There’s More to the SATS Music Man

Away from the Games section and in the Art and Entertainment area of SAGE is a booth from one of the music collaborators behind Sonic After the Sequel, and it is well worth a look.

It turns out Jordan Lange, who composed in whole or in part many of the 8 and 16 bit mixes featured in SATS, is a well experienced animator, and is even creating his own engine with some help dubbed Helix.  One of Lange’s signature achievements is Not Another Sprite Fight, and for SAGE he shared a special edition of the short.  You can watch it below.

There’s more to see at Lange’s SAGE booth under the Labstar icon, including artwork and, if you’ve missed it, music samples from SATS.