Sega and Hardlight announce “Crazy Taxi: City Rush” for mobile

Sega and Hardlight announce “Crazy Taxi: City Rush” for mobile

by March 14, 2014

And you won’t have to spend crazy money

Crazy Taxi was always one of those game franchises to me that was basically perfect. Outside of providing new locales to take fares in, what else could really be added to the game that wasn’t already in the original Crazy Taxi? Nothing, really. Crazy Taxi 2‘s addition of jumping was interesting, but dared to make the game feel too complex, and I never even played Crazy Taxi 3, because it seemed just that unnecessary.

But that’s the thing about so-called “perfect” games: even if they get everything right on the first go-round, eventually, you’ll still want more. The only reason Crazy Taxi 3 seemed so unnecessary is because CT1 and CT2 were still so fresh in my mind. That was literally more than ten years ago; and now, it would seem, is the time to revisit Crazy Taxi, and Hardlight Studios (the developers behind Sonic Jump and Sonic Dash) are here to oblige us with Crazy Taxi: City Rush.

From Kenji Kanno, the creator of the original Crazy Taxi arcade smash hit, and Hardlight Studios comes a game re-imagined for a new generation of mobile gamers. Crazy Taxi™: City Rush captures the spirit of the beloved Crazy Taxi series with one-touch, intuitive controls that make for a fun and frantic ride everyone can enjoy. In Crazy Taxi: City Rush, there’s no mission too insane, no stunt too dangerous and no passenger too outrageous…nothing is safe!

Free to download and play for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices, Crazy Taxi: City Rush was designed exclusively for mobile and will release globally later in 2014.

City Rush is a free-to-play game that doesn’t sound entirely dissimilar from Sonic Dash, judging by what sites like Polygon are saying:

The gas pedal is permanently floored, which left us to navigate the titular taxi by hopping lanes with a left or right swipe. Braking to drop off or pick up new customers was as simple as tapping a touch screen, while sharp turns and U-turns required holding a swipe or moving our finger in a specific direction. Gameplay was simplified for the mobile platform, but still felt as frantic as console versions, thanks to the need to dodge cars or quickly switch lanes.

The game also features a customizable soundtrack (meaning you can just import your favorite Offspring and Bad Religion tracks for maximum authenticity) and deeply-integrated Facebook social features, where Facebook friends become passengers you must ferry to their destination. As to be expected, the free-to-play aspect comes in to play when customizing and upgrading one’s taxi.

Crazy Taxi: City Rush probably isn’t quite the Crazy Taxi game some were hoping for, but it definitely has the potential to be pretty cool. Stay tuned.