See Yu Suzuki’s full Shenmue GDC Postmortem

See Yu Suzuki’s full Shenmue GDC Postmortem

by March 21, 2014

An evolution spanning generations and franchises

A couple days ago we gave you a heads up regarding a GDC Postmortem talk given by Yu Suzuki about the long-dead Dreamcast adventure game, Shenmue. As we pointed out, Gamasutra editor Brandon Sheffield tweeted some highlights from the talk, but thanks to the magic of the internet, now you can watch the entire 57 minute presentation for yourself.

If you’re having trouble with Gamespot’s player, The Shenmue Dojo has kindly mirrored the video right here on Youtube. The presentation covers a lot of ground, from initial sources of inspiration, Shenmue‘s early days as a Virtua Fighter RPG codenamed “Guppy”, its reinvention as “Project Berkley” and a whole mess of technical jargon and hardware specs. While it doesn’t quite close the book on Shenmue, it does offer occasional glimpses towards the direction Yu Suzuki was headed with the story. This is a deep dive in to the nuts and bolts of game development as it pertained to Shenmue, and shouldn’t be missed.

And don’t forget, back in 2009 I put together a Shenmue video review/retrospective, still viewable over yonder.