PSO2 English Beta Begins Next Month

PSO2 English Beta Begins Next Month

by March 27, 2014

But Not in the West

The English localization of Phantasy Star Online 2 continues by AsiaSoft and not Sega, as the third party company prepares a closed beta of the service in April 4th.

Only one of the six countries in Southeast Asia will participate in the beta, and reports indicate it will not be an English speaking region. Some of AsiaSoft’s community managers are expected to give beta keys to the public at random intervals through various avenues, though details on exactly how are sketchy.

Sega has still not yet given any details on a possible release in the West, other than to deny a report we first published that alleged a localized version of PSO2 is finished but will likely not cross into Western territories. A report in December indicated Relic was hiring to work on an unnamed MMO, prompting many to wonder if the dream isn’t dead in the West just yet.