Fan Fridays: SonicItalia

Fan Fridays: SonicItalia

by March 28, 2014

Honoring a Long-Running Fan Site

As we reported earlier today, the popular Italian fan site SonicItalia is calling it quits after 16 years. In honor of their contributions to the international Sonic community, this week’s Fan Friday is dedicated to them.

SonicItalia was founded in 1998 as The Sonic Channel by a fan named Luke as a way to gather and present information about Sonic the Hedgehog to fans. In the years that followed, the site grew in size and partnered with the network of sites. While not as popular as some of the more “mainstream” Sonic fan sites, SonicItalia eventually became the leading fan site for all of Italy and garnered an impressive following in its own right. Despite a long hiatus several years ago, the site retained its character throughout the decades with an active fan fiction section in its forum, a multimedia page, and the reporting of major community events all around the world. For better or worse, times and people change, and the site’s creators found themselves losing enthusiasm for newer entires in the Sonic franchise, and it was that lack of passion that drove them to move on.

The site will remain active for a few more months before it goes away, so if you want to, you can visit the site here; keep in mind that the site is written in Italian. For a version of the site stemming from Google Translate, click here. We thank SonicItalia for their presence in the community all these years and wish them the best going forward. As always, if you have a project you want featured on Fan Fridays, email us at